Are your storage lockers stuffed to the rafters? Is your apartment full and needing to be organized? Have your chicks flown the coop and  you're ready to downsize?

Consign with us. It's fast, easy, and!

Email us at to get the ball rolling! 

The purging of goods is most satisfying when you are physically, emotionally and spiritually ready to let go. It is about transforming the clutter in your closet into $. A savvy alternative to simply donating or giving your furniture to your relative or next door neighbor. Nirvana in consignment means uncluttered garages, empty storage units and money in your pocket!

Healthful Benefits:

*A clutter free life

*Mo mo mo money

*Mysterious absence of storage locker fees

*Discovered new zen space

Thanks but no thanks:

*We do not accept...

beds (including bunk beds) mattresses and bedding

High chairs, cribs or strollers

Old heavy wood furniture, ie roll top desks


Electronics or appliances

How does it work:

*We accept photos via email for review by our staff. We do our best to respond within 48 hours

*If your items have been approved for consignment, you may bring them to our store or we can provide you with a list of moving companies

*We offer a 50%/50% spilt, per item

*Our consignment term is 91 days

*After the first 21 days, we reserve the right to reduce the price by 15%. Additional 15% reductions occur at the end of 42 and 63 days

*We require 48 hours written notice if consignor wants to remove their merchandise from our showroom. If written notice is not given within the 91 day term of contract, the consignor's items will become the exclusive property of Wishbone Reserve LLC.

Just think if you were a buyer, what condition would the piece have to be in, in order for you to consider it?

Current market value is based on form, quality, condition, demand, what the piece would cost new, and our experience.